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Now it’s Time to Break Free from the Fear of Aging

In this world, there is enough stuff to bewilder and confuse us. Say signboards in airport, metro stations, global news, people, and personal situations like finance, relationships etc. Further looking at tragic events like calamities, accidents, death of loved ones, cancer infected kids, addiction to drugs, relationship woes and the list continues…. Sometimes it’s easy to digest and sometimes not? In fact we ignore and conceal those thoughts deep inside.

Even if we are drowned in these subtle doubts, still we continue to live our life, go to work, come back, cook food, take care of our kids, see television, spend time in Facebook, go pubs, work hard and so on. Still the doubts and confusions are not gone. We may temporarily forget and don’t talk about the situation, still they are present inside.

We may ask within ourselves why did market crash? Why the bill was passed in the House? Why the terrorist killed the innocent ones? Why only he was affected by a rare type of cancer? Lot of why’s? So this is the point where we are drowned with lot of questions? We are bombarded with information via news and media. But we don’t have the wisdom to figure out the real cause – WHY IT IS HAPPENING?

We always seek the answer but as we do not know whom to ask, we ignore it. It’s very natural to ignore as we have to again wake up in the morning and go office and follow the routine life.

In all these circumstances we continue to live and build dreams of living a good life, but life do not go smooth as expected, we are affected with disease, old age and so on. Even the medical science is advancing; it can’t make us live a very long life. It can’t stop us from aging. So we suffer from anxiety and think what will happen to our dreams and what will happen to me. They ask themselves can’t we stay alive forever?

Yes, you can stay alive forever.

If we want the most bonafide answer to all those situations described above, we should go to the revealed scriptures of the world.

So in this post we will focus on the most fearful event of our life i.e. death.

The teachings of Vedas confirm that we can be alive forever. But before that we have to know who we are? Yes it’s a good question to start. Let us ask this question to ourselves…

Who are we? We immediately look into our pockets, Office Id card, passports, door name plates and so on, they speak like these – Robert Frank, 36 years old, veteran, Managing director, CEO, American, African, doctors, lawyers, mother, father, brother and so on. We acquire a good number of identity labels since our birth. The first one we get is female or male and new labels continue to join our “identity” bucket.

And it’s very simple to figure out that these identities or labels change by time. In fact these are temporary.

In this lifetime we pursue different identities. It is all material and temporary, but the teachings of yoga scriptures describes our eternal and unchanging identity. The Yoga teachings known as Aham Brahmasmi help us to understand this eternity. We are spiritual eternal beings. We are not subjected to death. We can be alive forever. So once we realize and understand this meaning of these yoga teachings. We can simply start to have faith that we can be alive forever and it will remove our fear of death and aging.  We can live in peace, satisfaction, calmness, happiness and true love.

Every day we arrive at the mirror to have a look, whether we are looking perfect to go out to office or party or to a convention? We can find that we are dressed well, we are confident, healthy and strong, then we move on happily. Spending the kids phase and the young age is really cool and easy, we have a strong body, we move freely, we can travel a lot, we can enjoy as we want and we can eat anything.

Everything is cool and perfect till the day, we figure out those strands of gray hair – which attracts our immediate attention and signals the starting of old age. The anxiety of the possible death in some years grips us softly, suddenly the scenes of old bodies of the neighborhood occupies our mind and heart. All such worrying thoughts start coming up.

In a true sense, we need not be worry. Growing old is just another phase of your life; the teachings of Aham Brahmasmi confirm this. No matter what happens, we have a material body and this gross body undergoes aging. We, the actual spiritual self is ever youthful, everlasting and undying.

The same thing is also confirmed in scriptures of Bhagavad Gita

“For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.”

[Bhagavad Gita 2:20]

The same concept of life is also put forward by teachings of yoga i.e. Aham Brahmasmi, This is very well presented by the world’s most popular Yoga teacher, Wai Lana in her latest release of musical video named “Alive Forever”.

I can’t just stop sharing this enlightening video. The whole thing I described above is beautifully described in this video.

Esteemed Yoga Icon Wai Lana has done a tremendous job to establish a feeling of faith and fearlessness in the hearts of all the people around the world. For those who are immersed in fear and have lost peace can now be relieved after watching this lovely video about life and identity. This very idea to introduce the most essential teachings of Aham Brahmasmi comes as a blessing for all of us. She indeed has a real concern for the well being of the global population.

Talking more about this “Alive forever” video makes me very happy as it’s a complete package for someone in fear and anxiety due to aging and death of loved ones or bitten by fear of his/her own death. We should understand the primal reason of anxiety is ignorance only. Ignorance means that we are not aware that we are not the physical body and in fact, we are eternal. We stay alive forever, irrespective of this ceasing of the physical body. This wisdom of our real identity brings us relief and happiness i.e. when we know that we are not the physical body.

When we grow old, we figure out a lot of wrinkles that line up on our face; we go through emotional stress and physical complications also grow. We find difficult to walk without support. However, these are the things that are related to our body, not to our real self which is eternal.

You will be really happy when you remember that you are not the physical body. The spirit or the self is eternal. The most beautiful thing about this video is that it enlightens us that the eternal self do not grow old. There is a life force within the body. And this is the most important thing you can understand in your life.

See some of the snippets of the efforts made by the whole team of Alive Forever. These are some of the behind the scene shots and the beautiful outtakes. These are very short videos and I hope you will enjoy all of them:

Wai Lana is extremely motivated to bring back the lost happiness among the population. By means of yoga teachings and gifting the real wisdom, Wai Lana is making outstanding efforts to reach people in a global scale.

Last year in June also Wai Lana made her incomparable contribution on the 1st International Yoga day releasing a musical video named “Namaste”. This was a big hit, in fact it was so popular, it went viral and earned millions of views in a very short period of time. Many celebrities have liked this video and gave their valuable comments. This “Namaste” by Wai Lana spoke of showing humility and respect to others. It also demonstrated how we all are brothers and sisters and can live in peace and harmony. This wonderful video by Wai Lana help us to create a respectful and peaceful society as a whole.

See this inspiring video message from Wai Lana on the special occasion of international day of Yoga.

Wai Lana’s whole life is completely dedicated for introducing people about the ancient art of yoga and makes their life meaningful. Her contribution in yoga in unmatched and millions are benefited from Wai Lana video shows, Wai Lana PBS series and Wai Lana Yoga video channels.

This yoga gift by Wai Lana influences the whole society positively. And she considers this service for the well being of the global community. Wai Lana also promotes “healthy living by natural means”. Wai Lana’s website is a treasure house of real health and well being. You can’t just stop browsing through her healthy living articles, gems of wisdom, recipes, stories, meditation and the Wai Lana Shop.

The shop features all yoga products like yoga DVDs, yoga gears, Yoga for everyone DVD series, Wai Lana kids DVD cartoon series, natural healthy snacks, easy meditation kit, delicious recipe books and juice recipe collections. You can also find more in her blog.

Yoga is now very popular in United States and in most other continents like North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. The credit goes to the most dedicated Wai Lana. As her official bio describes, she has aired almost two hundred half hour episodes. She has been broadcasting her Wai Lana yoga PBS series on  fitness since a couple of decades. This amazing Yoga PBS series by Wai Lana has been appreciated by millions and they are benefited very much.

Her genuine efforts result in improving the physical, emotional and spiritual well being. This is just a boon in disguise for the whole community. Whoever has come in contact with Wai Lana’s insights and lifestyle, he can realize the true goal of life. She is not only popular among a small section, but she is very well appreciated by viewers of all ages – from preschoolers to great-grandparents.

So watch out for more videos on yoga and essential teachings related to yoga from Wai Lana and stay tuned.

Thank you!


Crush Injuries

Some months ago I attended a friend’s yoga class and helped sign in his students.  One was a friendly and fit looking male, maybe in his late 30’s, with a raised multi textured wide scar running down each side of his right calf.  Being naturally curious, extroverted, and a little lacking in social restraint, I asked what had caused such extreme scarring.  He wanted me to guess.  My initial thought was a car or motor bike accident.  But, “No,” he said, “This was the treatment for a crush injury.  The doctors had to cut the fascia to relieve the pressure…”  I recalled the life threatening nature of a crush injury.  My head was buzzing with, “Wow, like, that’s life or death treatment then!  Well worth the scarring.”  I would have liked to have had the chance to ask what had crushed his leg but the class was under way by now and I waved him in.


My natural curiosity later send me to google.  I knew a little of crush syndrome, but had never heard of this treatment.  What I did know was that if large muscles are crushed under a heavy weight for some hours or more, muscle breakdown causes build-up of life threatening toxins.  When the crushing object is released these toxins pour into the blood stream and cause a range of issues including kidney failure or cardiac arrest.   This is a huge danger during rescue efforts at the site of earthquakes, or other such disasters.  People may be found seemingly miraculously, days later, still alive and conscious, just to die soon after being released from the weight pinning them down.  It is sometimes called the smiling death due to the demeanor of those who think that, at last, they have been saved.  But I couldn’t see how this flesh cutting technique, graphically illustrated in Joe’s gaping scars, would prevent such deaths.

My instinct was correct.   In Joe’s case, his immediate risk was amputation, not death.  He had suffered compartment syndrome.  This is excessive pressure from swelling or internal bleeding, whether from fractures, crush injuries or other causes.  Eventually blood circulation is blocked and lack of blood supply then kills off cells.  It is a medical emergency and if not successfully dealt with can lead to amputation, and a standard treatment is fasciotomy, a gory practice where huge cuts are made up and down the area affected, then stitched loosely back together with the flesh gaping apart between stitches, like a latter day Frankenstein.  I dare you to google image it.  Pressure is released by this cutting of the fascia, that tough glad wrap like material encasing every body part, from the smallest muscle fiber, to the largest organ, and which ties each to the other, holding the body together.

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Discovering Our Life Purpose

Knowing the purpose for our life is essential to living joyfully and meaningfully. Purpose is what drives us to make the choices that we make. We always have some purpose that motivates us to choose this over that, but are not always consciously aware of what it is.

If we do not take the time to carefully consider what our purpose is, most likely we will end up simply following the constantly changing directives of our mind and senses – being pulled this way and that. We would be like sailors adrift on a vast and tumultuous sea with no navigation system to guide us. Haphazardly wandering through life results in misery, disappointment, frustration.

finding happiness

However, if we are clear on what our purpose is, we can steer through rough seas. We can consciously align our activities with our purpose and thus find the happiness and fulfillment that we seek.

So how do we discover what our purpose is?

There are so many methods, metaphysical sciences, personality questionnaires, books and websites that put forward a formula for determining what our purpose is. However, if we look at what they are basing their methods on, we will see that these formulas are based upon the material mind and body.

This would be fine if we were the material mind and body. But we are not.

According to the ancient yoga scriptures and other bona-fide scriptures of the world, we are eternal spiritual beings that are temporarily wearing the material mind and body. The gross physical body can be compared to outer clothes and the mind or subtle energy body can be compared to under clothes. Just as we are not the clothes we are wearing, we are not the material bodies we are wearing either.

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Climate Change or Consciousness Change?

The issue of climate change is a perplexing one, whether one is a diehard fearer of the doom it portends or a stubborn skeptic. There is a lot of debate about whether the climate will change catastrophically (some say it is already the cause of increased natural disaster) or if other natural factors will intervene to make the phenomena a whole lot milder. However, there is no doubt that measures can be made to minimize humanity’s effect on the climate and environment.

According to the European Commission on Climate Action, Humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth’s temperature by

rainforests cutting down

All of these factors influencing climate change and environmental degradation can be directly linked to the problem of endless consumerism. The problem is that no matter how much we have, we always want more. As Mahatma Gandhi famously wrote, “Earth produces enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for our greed.” Whether it is the industrialist billionaire looking for his next billion or the hipster upgrading to the latest smart phone as soon as it gets released, all of us are guilty of taking more than we need. In fact, we are almost pressured by our society into earning as much as we can throughout our working life and collecting as many “goodies” as we can before we die.

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Being Perfectly Happy With Seeing Our Imperfections

No matter how hard we try to be good or perfect at what we we are doing, it is inevitable that we will make mistakes. Completely avoiding them altogether is not an option, but we can cultivate a state of consciousness that enables us to experience the mistakes that we make as helpful to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

When we make a mistake, having a positive or negative experience is determined by who we know ourselves to be.

If we believe we are the image of ourselves that we hold in our minds as good, right, intelligent, savvy, respectable, faultless, etc. then we will experience fear. This is because we have invested our sense of self-worth, happiness, and safety in this image. When we feel our source of happiness and safety is being threatened, then we will experience anxiety.

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The Key to a Joyful Life

We live in a world that is a veritable buffet of sensory delights. There are so many ways we can stimulate our mind and senses. If we like, we can keep ourselves busy our entire lives just experiencing all the different types of sensory stimulation. Filling our tongues, eyes, ears, mind, etc. with colorful sensations, thoughts, feelings – hi-tech, lo-tech, natural, artificial, and everything in between. Certainly there are more methods of material sense pleasure than any one person can experience in an entire lifetime.

If satisfying the senses were the key to a truly joyful and fulfilling life, we would all be ecstatically happy and fulfilled. But we are not. Why not?

Because all these activities that stimulate some kind of pleasure sensation in the mind and physical senses do not actually touch us, the non-material self within the material body.

According to the ancient yoga scriptures and other bonafide scriptures of the world, we are not the material body or the mind – we are eternal spiritual beings temporarily wearing the material mind and body. The gross physical body can be compared to outer clothes and the mind or subtle energy body can be compared to under clothes. Just as we are not the clothes we are wearing, we are not the material bodies we are wearing either.

When we feed our body and mind with a desirable taste, smell, sound, touch, sight or thought, whatever pleasure we experience stays on the level of the mind and body. It does not reach deep enough to nourish us, the spiritual self within the material mind and body. This is why we can experience so much sense gratification and still feel so empty deep inside. This is why when we stop filling our minds and bodies with material stimulation, we notice the emptiness more. It is not because we are actually missing the material stimulation – it is because we are noticing what is there beneath the coverings.

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