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I created this web site, to present my book Healing with no Freud or no Prozac, and the new emotion medicine that it introduces. I also wanted to provide a genuine working tool for any reader who wants to look further afield and really put the methods to work for him or herself.

A list of useful resources can help you find practitioners for the methods mentioned in the different chapters, or manufacturers of specific products (such as dawn simulation devices or omega-3 supplements).

A test allows you to measure the most common symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and emotional trauma. By taking it at regular intervals, you will be able to measure your progress in managing your emotions as time goes by.

You can also send me your questions and I will answer them by topics in a free frequent newsletter that you can receive by email.

Finally, on this site, you will find stories of patients described in the book so you can share them with your friends and relatives by email if you think they may be interested in them.

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Disclaimer : The object of this site is to accompany the information contained in the book "The Instinct to Heal." Its content is absolutely not meant as a substitute to the advice of a trained therapist or medical doctor. This site does not pretend to diagnose medical conditions, and it makes no recomendations regarding medical treatments for such conditions.

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